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Top Talents Lists

Top Talents

A major update is the integration of the “Top Talents” section, a feature designed to highlight the hottest talents in different categories.

Top trading volume

The “Top 10 in my country” functionality displays the most traded talents in your country over the last 7 days. Trade volumes are counted over the last 7 days.

Focus on VIPs and New Users

Royaltiz recognizes the diversity of its user base by introducing the top talents most “traded” over the last 7 days by VIPs or by new users. A new user is a user who registered less than 30 days ago. The “Top VIPs” section displays the most traded talents by VIP users, while the “Top Newbies” focuses on those who are new to the platform, providing a fresh perspective on talent trading.

Understanding “Gainers” and “Dippers”

The platform now offers ranked lists of "Gainers" and "Dippers", based on price changes over a 24-hour period. This feature allows users to quickly identify which talents are on the rise and which are declining, helping to make strategic investment decisions.

The “Your ROYs” section

For a more personalized experience, the "Your ROYs" section displays the talents owned by you, ordered by variation. This functionality is hidden for visitors or users who do not hold any ROYs.

Top YIELD Previews

Finally, the “Top Yield” section provides valuable insights into top-performing talent based on live APY value. This feature is crucial for users aiming to maximize their returns, providing a clear view of which talent is delivering the best returns.

Royaltiz continues to innovate and adapt, providing its users with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of talent investing. Stay up to date with the latest trends and opportunities on the Royaltiz platform.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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