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Bear market: refers to a global market that is falling sharply

Bull market: refers to a global market that is rising sharply

Fees: fees associated with the use of the platform, in particular, trades

Holding: keeping ROYs in your wallet for a long time, usually to earn yield

Intro valuation: an estimation by our algorithms of the sum of future talent income over 10 years

Introduction: a phase where a talent is launched on the platform, with the sale of the soft supply (also called primary market)

Vip sale: part of the soft supply reserved for VIP members during the introduction

Public sale: part of the soft supply reserved for the public during the introduction

KYC (Know Your Customer): verification of your identity (mandatory step to withdraw your money)

Max APY: the maximum possible yearly yield return based on the current ROY price

Primary market: see introduction

Referral: a person that has been invited by another royaltiz user

ROY: a general name of the contractual product on talent launch on the platform

Secondary market: a period following the introduction where users can buy and sell ROYs on the market

Slippage: the difference between the expected price of a transaction and the actual price at which the ROYs are bought (fixed at 10% maximum on Royaltiz)

Soccermind / Sparkmind / Musicmind: algorithms used for talent valuations in introduction

Sell out: this term is used at the end of an introduction to say that all of the soft supply has been sold

Supply: ROY offer

Soft supply: a total number of ROYs on sale when a talent is introduced (VIP + public)

Max supply: the maximum number of ROYs created which can be issued during the contract period of the talent

Circulating supply: a number of ROYs currently circulating on the market (Note: circulating does not necessarily mean put on sale by users)

Talent: that’s how we call people introduced on Royaltiz (athletes, artists, influencers, etc)

Trade: purchase or sale of one or more ROYs

VIP code: a special code allowing you to obtain a bonus during registration

Wallet/portfolio: the place where your ROYs and your money are stored

Yield: a financial return of a ROY paid by Royaltiz to the holders

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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