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Sell my ROY on the market

- When can I sell my ROY on the royaltiz platform?****

You can sell a Talent's ROY 24 hours after the Talent's introductory period closes if it doesn’t sell out or immediately after all of their introductory ROYs are sold.

- How do I sell my ROY?****

To sell a Talent's ROY:

Go to the menu and select “My Talents”
Then click “Sell” under your Talent
You can then select your sale parameters: the number of ROY offered for sale and your selling price. Click “Confirm” when you’re ready.

- What are the rules for selling my ROY?****

There is one main rule to know when putting a Talent's ROY up for sale: the selling price limits are capped in order avoid excessive speculation (‘pump and dump’). You cannot enter a sale price higher or lower than 15% of the average price calculated over a 12-hour period. However, there is an exception in the 48 hours after the introduction of a talent, where the system is based on the last 15 minutes average. This rule is subject to change - as stated in our Terms and Conditions of Sale - in order to offer the most balanced market possible.

- Can I change my selling price?****

To modify a sale offer, you must cancel your initial offer (in the “My Talents” section), then publish a new offer with the desired price.

- How do I know if my offer has been accepted?****

You will receive an email notifying you that your ROYs have been sold. You will not be informed of the buyer's identity. The money from the sale will be credited to your Wallet automatically.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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