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Everything about the market rules

New to Royaltiz? It's necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules to understand how to optimize your investments on the platform.
Let's start by analyzing a talent's page to see how it works.

Talent page:

1. Max Supply : it’s the maximum number of ROYs created for a talent. This means that there will be no more ROYs created. The max supply includes ROYs for sale, ROYs for market liquidity, ROYs for talent and ROYs for marketing.
2. ROYs on Sale : this is the number of ROY on sale in the market at the time you are watching the talent page.
3. Supply:
Soft supply: corresponds to the volume of ROYs put on sale during the intro phase.
VIP supply: corresponds to the volume of ROYs put on sale during the intro phase for VIP users. The VIP supply is included in the soft supply.
4. Yield: This is the amount of cash paid for each ROY on a monthly basis. Here you can see the floor and the cap. The floor is the minimum you will receive, while the cap is the maximum. The yield calculation is scalable. Read more about Yield: Earn money by keeping your ROY.

Introduction phase:
The date and initial price of the ROY are indicated on the talent's page. The time of availability is also indicated on the talent sheet, but is usually 6PM (CET).
During the introduction, a buyer can’t acquire more than 5%* of the soft supply.
*The % indicated is for information only and may change.

Once all the introductory ROYs are sold (max 7 days in theory, but usually they are sold out in a few seconds), ROY owners can buy and sell ROYs on the secondary market.

Buy and sell on the market:
1. Current ROY price: it’s the last price observed on the market. This price is updated after each new transaction.
2. Price evolution: it’s the price evolution (+ or - ) over the last 90 days by default, but can be changed according to the selected period.

Slippage rule: when you make a purchase, the system finds you the best offer (the cheapest one at the time of the purchase). Depending on the price difference observed in the different orders, it’s possible that you get less ROY than expected (even if the system is now fully optimized). The system allows a transaction of +10% compared to your asking price: this is what we call 'slippage'. The slippage percentage can be adjusted by the user from 0 to 50%.

Specific Instant Liquidity Terms

Price Impact: The price impact is the influence your particular trade will have on the ROY market price if executed. You will always see the estimated price impact before you submit your order. This applies for both buys & sells. Logically, the more you sell, the bigger negative price impact you’ll make and vice versa - the more you buy, the more you’ll push the price up.

Average Swap Price: The average swap price is an estimated price per ROY that your whole order will be executed at, already taking into account the size of your order and the price impact it brings.

For more details about Instant Liquidity, check this article:[ Instant Liquidity: It’s a game changer!](

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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