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Earn money with the yield

The yield feature is the most important innovation included in the ROY. During 10 years, each ROY owner can earn dividends based on future income/performance of each talent.

From the beginning of the project, we wanted to give a real durability to our ROY. In our vision, only ROYs with a powerful underlying can be valuable in the future and resist in case of market downturn.

How does it work?
Yield payment are fully managed by royaltiz. A certain amount of the money collected during the initial sales phase is sent to a dedicated locked yield wallet. Then, the algorithm pays each ROY holder according to the performance of the talent.

Is the yield evolving?
Yes, of course! This is the concept: you bet in the success of a talent, meaning you believe he's going to outperform. Example: if one of young football player sees his salary greatly increase, thanks to a transfer to a top club, the yield of your ROY may increase which may impact the value of the ROY upwards. Yield is evolving: it is calculated periodically on a monthly basis.

How to claim my yield?
You can claim your yield on your wallet on The payment period is monthly.

How much can a ROY owner earn?
There is a floor and a cap for each talent. Find-out this information on each talent profil. The floor is the minimum payment and the cap is the maximum payment. This is an important point: the value of the ROY couldn’t be equal to 0.

We worked 2 years with our team of finance and data specialists to make it possible: give access to the core value generated by a talent. We use ten of thousands of time series and official series to nowcast talents revenue.

APY update 12/04/2023:

The last yield distributed based on the current ROY price.

The maximum possible Annual Percentage Yield based on the current ROY price and max yield cap.

Yield history remains based on the price at the time of payment.

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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