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Verify my ID / account

- Why do you have to check my ID?****

The European Union's anti-money laundering regulations require the verification of the identity of users of platforms where funds circulate. Your identity must be verified before any funds’ withdrawal can occur.

- Which ID documents do you accept?****

We accept the following identification documents inside the European Union:

- government-issued ID card
- driver's license
- passport
- residence permit.

Your ID must be valid and in good condition. You must upload both the front and back of your ID. Make sure that your photos are clear and readable.

In countries outside European Union, like Turkey, we only accept Passport.

- How can I make sure that my ID is accepted?****

Your ID is automatically verified by our partner Mangopay. You must absolutely respect the following requirements to avoid any delays and rejections:

- Photo only - no scanned files
- No black & white pictures, coloured only
- No reflection or glare on the photo
- No flash
- Maximum size: 5 MB
- Accepted formats: pdf, jpeg, png

- My ID was refused, what should I do?****

It's likely that one of the photos you uploaded is low quality or non-compliant. Please make sure that the quality of the uploaded photo is good, and that all information is clearly visible (see recommendations above). The issue could also be with the identification document itself. The name shown on your ID must be completely identical to the one entered during registration (same first and last name). If there is an error, please go to your account to correct it. Please note that we do not accept any ID submitted by email.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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