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What is “Instant Liquidity”?

To put it simply, it’s a brand new trading engine that allows you to trade ROYs instantly. This means that you are able to buy and sell ROYs in seconds! No more waiting for days for someone to buy your ROY offer - it’s a true game changer!

The general trading experience is the same as with the “order book” engine - so you can continue trading as you did before.

For those that are interested in technical details, the way it works is that when the talent intro is over, royaltiz essentially puts in a readily available liquidity on both sides of the market: EUR and ROYs. The ROY price is governed by the ratio between EUR and ROY locked in the liquidity. For example: 10000€ and 5000 ROYs = 2€ per ROY.

We’re usually launching talent introductions at 2€ per ROY, so in that case, it will also be the initial ratio of the locked liquidity right after the introduction. However, when the Instant Liquidity trading is launched, the price starts to be governed by your trading activity (demand & supply).

The price goes up when you buy, & down when you sell
The more ROYs you buy - the more expensive they become. Even if you buy just 1 ROY, the next one will be technically slightly more expensive. The same applies for selling too. Therefore, there are a couple of new “terms” we will present to you, which will help you guide your trading decisions: Price Impact and average swap price (links to FAQ about them)


Updated on: 05/09/2023

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