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VIP 2 Pass FREE TRIAL for 7 days

NEW: VIP 2 Pass FREE TRIAL for 7 days

It's a revolution for all users and new subscribers: you can now access VIP 2 Pass for 7 days and enjoy pre-sales of the talent introduction.

How to unlock your VIP 2 access for one week?

It’s simple - complete the Talent Hunter Mission (it's the 2nd level of “Official Investor mission”). During this trial period, you'll have access to the pre-sale of an introduced talent and VIP ROYs!

Steps to unlock your VIP 2 Pass for 7 days:

Go to Missions page
Complete Level 2 of the Talent Hunter Mission (purchase 50 talents)
You'll receive an e-mail confirming your VIP 2 status
We have also reviewed the introductions supply to allow more users to buy ROYs at the intro price. This is a major evolution in the royaltiz strategy expansion: give more opportunities to all types of users in a scalable way.

Are you ready to discover the VIP 2 experience? The offer starts now (on 14/09/23).

Additional details:
*The 7-day VIP 2 free trial does not entitle you to the VIP 2 goodie pack or Discord private channel. Offer valid until 12/31/2023 and may be renewed. Conditions can change.
*The VIP 2 confirmation email may arrive a few hours later (due to security checks). If you encounter any problems, please contact support.

Updated on: 20/09/2023

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