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The ROYs pack : De Minaur's TOP 3

This ROYs pack features the top 3 talents of Alex De Minaur: Vinicius, Tchouameni, and Camavinga.

300 Vinicius ROYs
200 Tchouameni ROYs
200 Camavinga ROYs

Value on 15/05. The amount fluctuates according to market price and price point will bepdated on 24/05/24 to match with the introduction maximum supply.
The ROYs are sourced from the max supply of each respective talent.

**Important Information to Note**

1- The Product/Experience is not eligible for exchange or refund.

2- The pricing of the Product/Experience is subject to change based on the current value of the ROYs being sold.

3- Shipping is provided free of charge, with the exception of any potential additional costs and fees such as customs, taxes, or second delivery attempts.

Updated on: 19/05/2024

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