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Live Missions

Some of you might remember, almost 1 year ago we started with monthly and weekly missions, and we had an incredible community participation. We quickly realised the potential of missions, and the only missing piece was to make them interactive and live on the platform!

We have launch Live Missions! It’s a brand new way to discover market opportunities while earning cash rewards directly on the platform. Missions now have a dedicated page, where you can see your mission progress in real time.

P.S. keep reading to find out our special launch bonus!

What live missions are we launching with?

We’re starting with 3 missions, and some of them have multiple levels. From introductions, to collecting ROYs, the objectives are designed for all users.

3-level mission to bet in a number of talents: Official Investor (1) → Talent Hunter (50) → Talent Scout (200)
3-level mission to participate in a number of introductions: The First Intro (1) → Intro Hunter (10) → Intro Maniac (50)
Catch’em All! Collect all talents on the platform
More Missions will be added frequently.

🎁 LAUNCH BONUS: the first 3 users who complete Catch'em All mission will get a signed Casper Ruud Jersey! This mission starts at 10AM, Aug 30th.

How to complete missions?

Simply go to the “[Missions](” page and explore all the missions (we will be adding even more soon).
Check the description and complete the objective. You can see the progress live on the mission itself.
Claim the bonus and enjoy the rewards! Everything is automated and rewards will appear in your wallet.

How do multi-level missions work?
As soon as you complete the first level, you can claim the reward and continue working towards the next level of the mission. Each mission level has its own reward!

Will Weekly Missions continue?
Yes, weekly missions will still be available and oriented towards events and competitions around our talents.

Do you want to discuss the best strategy to adopt for Missions? Join the community on Discord.

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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