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How to invite my friends to win ROYs?

- How can I invite friends?

Login to your account and simply go to “Rewards” section, where you will see your unique referral link. Copy that link and send it to your friends. They must register through the link for you both to be eligible for the referral reward.

As soon as your friend registers & buys at least 1 ROY of his/her choice, you will both get rewarded 1 FREE ROY each.

- How do I get the referral reward?

To earn the reward (for both the referrer and the referral), the invited friend needs to:

Register using the unique invite link
Deposit money & buy at least 1 ROY talent ROY of his/her choice
That’s it! You will both receive a FREE ROY automatically

It could happen due to a number of reasons:

Your friend has not followed your link when registering. If someone has registered using your link, you will immediately see them under the “Rewards” section with a “Awaiting Deposit” tag.
Your friend has not fulfilled the reward conditions. Make sure that your friend buys at least 1 ROY in order to earn the reward.
Your friend was unable to register on royaltiz, because of certain limtations, such as age or the jurisdiction of residence.

We also reserve the right to revoke or stop any pending rewards at our discretion if we notice any suspicious activity or abuse, such as but not limited to fake/duplicate accounts or fraud.

- How many referral rewards can I receive?

You can invite as many friends as you like and earn up to 10,000€ worth of ROYs, but also earn euros (different amounts), jerseys, an iPhone and many other rewards that will evolve over time (the rewards may change in the future).

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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