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How is the percentage yield calculated and displayed?

You will see several yield percentage figures mentioned on the website or when we communicate introductions to the users.

The INITIAL yield percentages are from 2.5% to 50% and they are calculated based on the introduction price. For example, Mbuku ROY is launched at €2.00 and the yield is estimated to be between €0.05 and €1.

You will also see a current max APY, which is calculated based on the CURRENT ROY price. The yield Min and Max caps stay the same, but the ROY price fluctuates based on supply and demand. For example, the same X ROY has dropped from €2.00 to €1.00. Therefore the max possible yield (€0.50).

Lastly, you might also see actual “paid out” yield percentages. Those are based on the ROY price at the time of paying out the yield.

Updated on: 06/04/2023

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