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Can I be banned from the platform?

⚖️ The Royaltiz team reserves the** right to ban a user from the platform under certain conditions. Royaltiz ensures the creation of a friendly community, within which rules of operation and courtesy must be respected. When the behavior of a user is likely to jeopardize the equality between users, the proper functioning of a feature or the operation of the market, Royaltiz will be entitled to exclude the User.

Examples of cases justifying an exclusion: a user creating several accounts, a user not respecting the 5% Roys purchase limit during an introduction, a user using his/her Referral link for commercial purposes, more globally, a user violating the T&Cs or the TOS..

📩 The concerned User will be informed of his/her ban by e-mail on the address indicated during the creation of the concerned account.

💰 Royaltiz will never make any financial profit from your ban. If your Wallet is funded on the day the violation of the community rules, or of the terms and conditions, is noticed, a team member will contact you to explain the procedure to recover the money in your Wallet. Please note that a handling fee applies to the refund procedure. If the value of the portfolio and wallet is less than €20 on the day of banning, no refund will be made.

🌏 Rest assured, this ban will never be done arbitrarily, or for discriminatory reasons.

📞 For any question about your ban, you can contact the support or send an email to

Roylatiz Team

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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